Quick Tips/What You Need To Know

Create Your Session

Create new

Create a P2OASys evaluation. Enter name and CAS# to add new assessment. Options include Chemical, Product, Mixture:


- Individual chemical using a single SDS. Must enter chemical name and CAS


- Evaluating a product with multiple chemicals but only using one SDS

Mixture (Coming Soon)

- Combined previously entered Chemicals to create your own product.

Load From Database

Allows you to use a chemical, product or mixture that has been reviewed by TURI and available to be used in session:


- TURI database contains chemicals by name or CAS number. Check the chemical and click on the submit button to add to current evaluation session

Input Data Options

P2OAsys Format

Enter data in the order of the P2OASys categories (i.e. Acute Human Effects, Chronic Human Effects, etc.).

SDS Format

Enter data in the order where values would be likely found on an SDS (i.e. Section 1, Section 2, etc.).

Please Note: Not all key phrases/words are listed in P2OASys. Use professional judgement to select the closest match.


Assessment Score Summary

Final Score

- The cumulative score of each of the categories. divided by the number of categories to give you a score that is forced to be from 2 to 10

Color Beakers

2<4 Lower concern

4<6 Some concern

6<8 Moderate concern

8-10 High concern

Weighted Score

- the final score adjusted score by the sliding scale (weighting factor)

Sliding Scale

- Allows for more emphasis in a given category

Product Score

Compare Entered Data

- Lists the data entered during the session. Lists each product/mixture/chemical side by side.

beakers on scale


Upload a Chemical/Product

Upload a chemical or product to a PUBLIC P2OASys Database where it can be accessed by you or other users.

Upload a Mixture to the P2OASys Database (Coming Soon)

Submit your mixture to the online database where it will be reviewed by TURI and upon validation, added to the online database for others to use.

Export Data to CSV

Download an assessment session to a CSV spread sheet so the values can be saved offline and used for future assessments.

Import Data from CSV

Add in an assessment previously downloaded to a CSV. Must be in the correct CSV layout to work.


Hazard Score Database

Contains values and end points for each of the categories that are used to assess scores to entered data. Maintained by TURI.